Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Help avert ecological disaster threatening Belize!

A picture of Gulf oil spill by Time magazine

We need oil, it's true... but there are places in this world, where oil drilling should never be considered, much less permitted, because the risk of damage to a unique and very vulnerable environment is just too big, consequences of the spill too awfull to even think of!

Belize is blessed with an abundance of pristine, biodiversity rich natural areas: rain forests, mangroves, wetlands and a unique Mesoamerican barrier reef - the second largest in the world.

All of it is a global legacy, sheltered for centuries by Belize's indigenous people.

Now government of Belize recklessly jeopardizes the nation's natural resources, giving away oil exploration concessions over practically the entire area of Belize, including its national parks, the barrier reef and atolls!

These areas are awfully vulnerable to even a small oil spill, much less a spill similar to the one created in April of this year by BP in the Gulf of Mexico.

Whether you are a birder, wanting to protect wetlands, environmentalist wanting to protect rain forests, snorkeler or diver wanting to protect the barrier reef and the atolls along the coast of Belize, whether you are an eco-tourist, wanting to enjoy the natural treasures of Belize, an expat or tourist wanting to enjoy sandy beaches and clear azure waters of the Caribbean ...

Please help Belize's indigenous people, and its civic society organizations, like SATIIM, to avert an ecological disaster in Belize NOW by:
  • Posting a comment here, supporting the fight against oil drilling in Belize's protected areas and offshore!
  • Donating - urgently and generously - to SATIIM's anti-oil campaign by linking to its project (# 5763) on Global Giving's Open Challenge starting July 5, 2010!

  • Spreading the word to all birders, environmentalists, snorkelers, divers, eco-tourists and others, who care about this planet and its natural treasures and want to preserve them!

1 comment:

  1. keep the good work
    don't give up especially fighting with the big monster of Dean Barrow and his vampires(UDP) in cabinet sucking our blood everywhere.
    I am one of many Belizean just waiting for a referendum to be call, and I will vote against the drilling especially this beautiful place