Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Government of Belize decided to appeal Maya Land case

The Maya of southern Belize recently obtained judicial recognition of communal land titles for 38 villages in the Toledo district, a legal victory with international precedence for all indigenous peoples.
In 2007, Dean Barrow, then an opposition leader, has been outspokenly in favor of Maya communal land rights, but now, as a prime minister, he wants to appeal the recent landmark decision, because, he claims, it is "injurious to the public interest, injurious to national unity and it is injurious to the development of the Maya community" .

Prime Minister Barrow, the Maya children pictured here are waiting for your explanations.
They are confused. They do not understand what you mean. And neither do we...
How can communal land rights be right for some villages (that you supported) but not for the others? Where is logic? And where is justice?

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